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Before touching up your color ...”
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“ Divide your hair into sections first.”
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Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our team of specialists' Tips & Tricks about hair styles for fine hair. Use the link below to find nuggets of knowledge peculiar to fine hair. If you don't find what you are looking for, or have a specific problem that bothers you, please feel free to consult with our team of fine hair experts online. One of our experts will e-mail your personal and confidential answer and / or possible solution. Read an example.

How to pick a hairdresser

  1. Get a consultation before trying a new hairdresser
    Those of you who see a professional hairdresser should ask him or her to soften the demarcation line, possibly with the help of an highlight or a color weave. Ask them to use nuances that are complementary to your natural color so that a generous portion of your natural hair will still show. A mistake common with professional hairdressers unfamiliar with fine hair is that they tend to overdo it. A little color goes a long way on fine hair and it takes just an instant to completely overdo the coloring. Ask the stylist to mix highlights that are lighter and darker than your natural color in order to give depth and confuse the eye. Tell the professional that your fine hair "lifts", or bleaches, quickly so you don’t end up with white-gray streaks.

  2. How to pick a Fine Hair hairdresser
    If the professional either acts uncomfortable and shies away from your few suggestions or touches your hair like it’s going to break, you probably have the wrong hairdresser. If he or she acts afraid, it indicates lack of self-confidence. For this reason I sincerely recommend that you ask for a consultation before trusting your delicate fine hair to the wrong professional. Look for a hairdresser who appears to have hair like yours, often this helps. However, don't always trust professionals that state familiarity with all types of hair and do not immediately specify FINE HAIR®. I have heard it over and over again. 'Oh yes, we specialize in all types of hair.' This is usually a standard blanket-cover. You be the judge.

  3. "Hair Abused?"
    Many fine hair people who sit in my chair have gone trough horrible, life-changing stories that make them afraid of letting anyone touch their hair.
    It is important for you to ask the hairdresser questions about what they think would look good on you. Bring with you photographs of yourself at different times and with different hairstyles to help the professional understand better what you want. Yes, I know that they are supposed to be the stylist, but they are not mind readers. Give the hairdresser you are consulting with an idea of what styles you like and why you like and dislike certain styles. Dislikes are big. For instance, be sure and tell them things like "Not too short on the bangs", or "Don’t show my ears", or whatever look you absolutely hate to see on your hair.


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