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Styles Gallery

In this section we publish how-to slide shows and short movies as well as a photo gallery and testimonials from our fine hair clients.

Whatever we say, please don't take our word for it, take our clients'. Feel free to peruse through the photo gallery because, as you well know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hair Styles for Fine Hair
As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words ...

So, Christina and her assistants got out the digital cameras and started shooting photographs, short videos, photo essaisFine Hair Products of clients that gladly accepted their five minutes of fame.

We splitted the images and videos into five main categories:

Please note that the subjects featured in these media galleries are real people. Their photographs as well as the instructional videos are not made by professional photographers and video makers, but by the professional stylist themselves. These images are not intended as advertising, but rather as sample of real life hair styles and instructions on how top get those results with the help of the FINE SHINE® products, formulated specifically for fine hair.

Many styles do not look exciting on fine hair. What is needed are variations to regular hair styles in order to enhance the lack of volume. Fine-haired people need particular care and cannot be treated like regular-haired folks. Their hair are very unique and, based on our hands-on experience, they very appreciative of the extra effort and expertise applied to it.

We hope that you enjoy the show and, maybe, find some useful information watching the how-to photo-sequences and short movies. Should you encounter any problem, please e-mail the webmaster.

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